Taxonomic evaluation of the Hepsetus from the Congo basin with the revalidation of H. microlepis (Teleostei: Hepsetidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:E. Decru, Snoeks, J. , Vreven, E.
Journal:Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters
Start Page:273
Date Published:11-2015

A taxonomic evaluation was made of the Congolese Hepsetus based on 13 counts and 36 measurements on 158 specimens. Within the Congo basin, three species were found: H. lineatus, mainly a Lower Guinean species, is present in the Dja and other parts of the Sangha, but is also recorded in other parts of the Middle Congo (Lilande and Boende); H. microlepis occurs in large parts of the Congo basin, but is absent from the Dja and the southern part of the Kasai, and found also outside the Congo basin in the Gribingui (Chad basin); and H. cuvieri, which is common in the southern part of the Congo, is also present in the Quanza, Cunene, Zambezi and Okavango. Hepsetus odoe microlepis is elevated to species level. This species is characterised by its uniformly blackish colour. It is distinguished from H. odoe, H. kingsleyae,H. lineatus and H. occidentalis by its higher scale row numbers between the dorsal fin and the lateral line, and between the adipose fin and the lateral line; from H. cuvieri, H. kingsleyae and H. occidentalis by a broader head higher number of gill rakers.

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