Placidochromis milomo Oliver (Lake Malawi)

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Preparation technique: 
Living specimen in photo tank

A paratype of Placidochromis milomo Oliver, 1989 (USNM 304653). Deep-water trammel net set overnight 26-27 Jun 1980 in 11-18 m on rocks off SE corner Thumbi Island West, Malawi, Lake Malawi; M.K. Oliver, K. McKaye, T.D. Kocher. Station MKO80-37.

Capture Device: 
35 mm SLR film camera (Nikkormat FT), Kodachrome 25
Image Processing: 
Scanned with some post-processing (contrast, sharpening, cloning out dust)
Basin / bassin: 
African countries / Pays de l'Afrique: 

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