Usipa fishermen, Chingubi Point, Lake Malawi (Malawi)

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Imaging technique: 

Usipa fishermen at Malabwe, Chingubi Point, Malawi (Lake Malawi), 1971. Usipa are a small minnow (Engraulicypris sardella) that strongly resemble anchovies in their shoaling, plankton-eating lifestyle and silvery bodies:

Photo © M.K.Oliver

Capture Device: 
35mm Nikkormat FT SLR film camera
Image Processing: 
Original 35 mm Kodachrome color slide was scanned on an Epson Perfection 4990 Photo scanner as a TIF and edited for color fading, sharpness, brightness, contrast etc. in Pain Shop Pro software.
World Region: 
Basin / bassin: 
African countries / Pays de l'Afrique: 

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