The taxonomic status and phylogenetic relationships of Pseudocrenilabrus Fowler (Teleostei, Cichlidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:P. H. Greenwood
Accession Number:2139245
Keywords:Article Geographic Terms: Africa, Article Subject Terms: Anatomy, Article Taxonomic Terms:, counts, Evolution, Freshwater fish, meristic, Osteology, Phylogenetics, Pseudocrenilabrus, Q1 01343 Taxonomy and morphology, Q1 01345 Genetics and evolution, Synonymy, Taxonomy

Various and disparate opinions have been expressed with regard to the phylogenetic affinities of Pseudocrenilabrus , a seemingly generalized and primitive haplochromine genus. These views are reconsidered and rejected. Instead, it is suggested that Pseudocrenilabrus is a derived and paedomorphic taxon evolved from a generalized haplochromine ancestor such as would be represented amongst extant African cichlids by a species of the genus Astatotilapia ; for the moment it is not possible to identify a sister group more precisely. The suggestion that Pseudocrenilabrus is a paedomorphic taxon is based on certain osteological and dental features, particularly the reductional trend manifest in the infraorbital bones of its three constituent species. A new diagnosis and synonomy are provided for the genus, together with notes on its anatomy, osteology and meristic features.

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