Survey of the anguilliform Clariidae (Teleostei, Siluriformes) of Gabon and Republic of Congo, with description of two new species and key to the African clariid genera

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:D. Adriaens, Devaere, S. , Verraes, W.
Journal:Belgian Journal of Zoology
Accession Number:WOS:000247461500012

A survey of anguilliform African clariids from the Lower Guinea indicated the existence of four species, of which two are new to science. Thirty morphometric features as well as several meristic and descriptive characters have been studied on 174 specimens. Channallabes ogooensis n. sp. is recognized by the combination of distinct serrations on the posterior edge of the pectoral spine, 84-97 vertebrae, 100-113 and 85-102 dorsal and anal fin rays, a pale spot on the skull roof between the anterior and posterior fontanel, absence of an epiotic, skull moderately reduced in size, sphenotic and pterotic showing plate-like outgrowths and the posterior border of mesethmoid indented, making the anterior part of the anterior fontanel situated within the mesethmoid. Channallabes teugelsi n. sp. is recognized by the combination of serrations only on the anterior edge of the pectoral spine, 70-82 vertebrae, 99-109 and 90-100 dorsal and anal fin rays and a clear, pale spot on the skull roof between the anterior and posterior fontanel. The three anguilliform genera Channallabes, Gymnallabes and Clariallabes are diagnosed and two anguilliform species are reassigned. A revised key to all African clariid genera is provided.

URL:<Go to ISI>://WOS:000247461500012

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