A revision of the Lower Guinean Hepsetus species (Characiformes; Hepsetidae) with the description of Hepsetus kingsleyae sp. nov.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:E. Decru, Vreven, E. , Snoeks, J.
Journal:Journal of Fish Biology
Start Page:1351
Date Published:04/2013
Keywords:Africa; Hepsetus akawo; Hepsetus lineata; ichthyology; morphometry; new species

An α-taxonomic revision of the African pike, Hepsetus odoe, from Lower Guinea is provided. The results show that three different species occur in Lower Guinea instead of one. Hepsetus akawo, recently described from West Africa, is present in the northern part of Lower Guinea; Hepsetus lineata, the most widespread species within Lower Guinea, is known from the Sanaga (Cameroon) in the north to the Shiloango (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in the south and Hepsetus kingsleyae sp. nov. is endemic to the Ogowe Basin. The new species H. kingsleyae is described and H. lineata, which is elevated here to the species level, is redescribed. Hepsetus lineata can easily be recognized by its prominent horizontal line pattern on the flanks and differs further from H. akawo and H. kingsleyae in the number of lateral-line scales and the number of gill rakers. Hepsetus kingsleyae differs from H. lineata and H. akawo by its narrow head, elongated snout and narrow, knife-shaped body. All three species are also distinguishable from H. odoe and the recently revalidated H. cuvieri. A few exceptional specimens could not be allocated to one of the three species and may represent hybrids because of their mixed diagnostic characters or their intermediate values.

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