Revision of the Congo River Lamprologus Schilthuis, 1891 (Teleostei: Cichlidae), with Descriptions of Two New Species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:M. L. J. Stiassny, Schelly R. C.
Journal:American Museum Novitates New York NY
Date Published:Aug
Accession Number:6051283
Keywords:Article Geographic Terms: Africa, Congo R., Article Subject Terms: Animal morphology, Article Taxonomic Terms: Cichlidae, diversity, Freshwater fish, Identification keys, Lamprologus, new species, Osteology, Q1 01343 Taxonomy and morphology, Rivers, species, Taxonomy, teleostei, Voids

The Congo River Lamprologus are revised and two new species are described. Lamprologus teugelsi, n.sp., from Malebo Pool and the lower Congo River rapids, and L. tigripictilis, n.sp., from the lower Congo River rapids, are readily distinguished from the remaining Congo River Lamprologus based on counts, measurements, osteology, and color pattern. Monophyly of the Congo River Lamprologus species is tentatively accepted and a key to the group is provided. All available collection localities for re-identified Lamprologus material from the Congo River are plotted for each species. Maps of collection localities reveal large distributional voids, suggesting that Congo River lamprologine diversity remains incompletely sampled.

Alternate Journal:Am. Mus. Novit.

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