A New Year and a new Africhthy!

Welcome to the new Africhthy, now based on Scratchpads v.2!

You'll see a much cleaner look, with a small, rotating image gallery up front and a totally revised user interface. The fish and watershed taxonomies have been moved to tabs along the top of the page. The French language interface is being re-written and this will take some time. (Our apologies to our francophone members!)

There remain a number of minor bugs yet to be worked out while the site is still "in beta," but we anticipate these will be addressed early this year. Overall, there are clear improvements compared to the version 1 site. There is now much more species information to be found via the fish taxonomy.  Looking up Campylomormyrus numenius (to choose a fish entirely at random) turns up a lot more information than previously, with data and images coming from EOL, the IUCN, Fishbase, and the Mormyridae Lifedesk. Hopefully this functionally will be enhanced in the future and we'll be able to serve up a distribution map and a specimen database.

In our first year of existence, we've added over 1300 references on African fishes to the library, including about 50 publications that appeared in 2012, disseminating this information to our colleagues in Africa and all over the world. (We try not to miss much, but if we do miss a publication you know about, please add it yourself. That's how this site works!)  We've served as a bulletin board for getting word out about training opportunities and we know of one Congolese ichthyologist who made use of an opportunity posted here to attend the TDWG meeting China last year. We now have over 100 registered users of Africhthy, many of them on the African continent.

We are very excited that the fifth international PAFFA meeting will hosted in Bujumbura by the Department of Biology at the University of Burundi in September of this year. We hope that Africhthy can serve as a platform to get word out about the meeting.

If you don't yet have an account, please set one up now.  Once you have admin approval (something we need to do to keep spammers out of here), you are free and encouraged to add references, images, contribute to the forums and write blog articles like this one. Use the "Content" link at the top of the page to add what you can.

Send me an email if you have any questions or notice any bugs (click on my name below this article). There is also a Help Wiki available from the "Issues" tab at the top left.

If you notice bugs, or have ideas about how the layout, appearance, or functionality of this site could be improved, please leave us your comments!

For an introduction to what Africhthy is all about and what it can become see the blog article below entitled Welcome to Africhthy.

Let's make 2013 a great year for African ichthyology and for Africhthy!


Submitted by will leschen (not verified) on

Hello john congratulations on your new site however how does one register?? It's not clear If ok I can post up your new website link on Sarnissa Many of the members will be interested Best wishes for the new year Will Leschen Stirling UK wl2@stir.ac.UK


Hi Will!  Thanks for your question. If you were not registered on the old site, click on the "Log in" tab at the upper right on the home page and then click "Create New Account." I or another admin will have to approve you before you get access, but this should take less than 24 hours. If you were registered on the old site, your registration should have been ported over to this one and your old user ID and password should still work.  If you can't log in or have forgotten your password, let me know. Please do post the link to SARNISSA!

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