Mbipi, the rock-dwelling cichlids of Lake Victoria: Description of three new genera and fifteen new species (Teleostei)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:O. Seehausen, Lippitsch, E. , Bouton, N. , Zwennes, H.
Journal:Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters
Accession Number:4419117
Keywords:Article Geographic Terms: Africa, Victoria L., Article Subject Terms: Animal morphology, Article Taxonomic Terms: Lithochromis, Biological speciation, Freshwater fish, genera, Mbipia, Neochromis, New, new species, Pundamilia, Q1 01343 Taxonomy and morphology, Q1 01602 Surveying and prospecting, Taxonomy

More than 100 previously unknown strictly lithophilic cichlid species have been discovered in Lake Victoria within the last decade. Many of the new rock-dwelling species belong to one diverse lineage, comparable to the mbuna of Lake Malawi, and known in Tanzania by their vernacular mbipi. We recognize four clades within this lineage. We describe three of them as new genera, Mbipia, Pundamilia, and Lithochromis, and we redefine Neochromis as the fourth of these clades. We describe four new species of Neochromis, redescribe two previously described Neochromis species, describe two new species of Mbipia, four new species of Pundamilia, and three new species of Lithochromis. Furthermore, we describe two new species of a previously undescribed lithophilic species complex, the phylogenetic affinities of which are not yet known. We use data on geographical distribution and intra- and interspecific variation in male nuptial coloration to derive hypotheses on mechanisms of speciation and the evolution of colour diversity among the rock-dwelling cichlids.

Alternate Journal:Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwat.

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