Introduction of foreign fishes in African inland waters: Suitability and problems

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1988
Authors:J. Moreau, Avignon, J. , Jubb, R. A.
Publisher:Travaux et Documents de l'O R S T O M. 1988.
ISBN Number:0371-60232709909294
Accession Number:2336660
Keywords:01521 Mechanical and natural changes, Article Geographic, Article Subject Terms: Competition, availability, Endemic species, Environmental, fish culture, fishery development, Fishing gear, food, Freshwater, Freshwater fish, General, impact, Inland fisheries, Introduced species, Predation, predator control, Q1 01341, Q1 01582 Fish culture, Q1 01604 Stock assessment and management, Q3 01582 Fish culture, Q5, Sport fishing, Terms: Africa, Inland Waters, Yield

Introductions of non-endemic fishes into inland waters in Africa are discussed with special reference to their influence on African fisheries. Fish introductions have been made for various reasons: introduction of fast-growing fish for fish culture, introduction of predatory fishes to control fish production in ponds, improvement of sport fisheries, control of unwanted organisms e.g. aquatic weeds, snails, mosquitoes, to fill apparently empty ecological niches in natural or artificial water bodies. Many introduced species have created major problems in African water bodies. The most serious problems relate to the influence of introduced fishes on native fish stocks. Some endemic species have been drastically reduced or caused to be locally extinct by introduced fishes, either through predation, or competition for food or breeding space. In general, the "successful" introductions have increased fish yields, but these increases have often been in association with an expansion of fishing effort and the improvement of fishing gear.

Original Publication:Les introductions d'especes etrangeres dans les eaux continentales africaines: Interet et limites

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