Haplochromis vanheusdeni, a new haplochromine cichlid species from the Great Ruaha River drainage, Rufiji basin, Tanzania

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:F. D. B. Schedel, Friel, J. P. , Schliewen, U. K.

Haplochromis vanheusdeni, new species, is described from three streams and one river draining the southern flanks of the Udzungwa mountains, Rufiji basin (Republic of Tanzania). This rheophilic haplochromine cichlid species is distinguished from all other haplochromines currently placed in the genera Orthochromis Green- wood, 1954 and Schwetzocochromis Poll, 1948, and from rheophilic species of the genus Haplochromis Hilgendorf, 1888 (H. bakongo Thys van den Audenaerde, 1964; H. snoeksi Wamuini Lunkayilako & Vreven, 2010) by having large ocellated egg spots on the anal fin (vs. no egg spots or only non-ocellated egg spots), by hypuralia 1 and 2 and hypuralia 3 and 4 either clearly separated or separated by a clearly visible seam (vs. never fused into a single seamless unit), and by a combination of meristic characters.

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