Fish communities in the African Great Lakes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:R. Lowe-McConnell
Journal:Environmental biology of fishes The Hague
Date Published:Mar
Accession Number:4201169
Keywords:Africa, African Great Lakes, Article Geographic Terms: Africa, East, Article Subject Terms: comparison studies, Article Taxonomic Terms: Pisces, biodiversity, comparison studies, D 04668 Fish, ECOLOGY, Exploitation, fish, Lake Fisheries, Lakes, maintenance, Pisces, Species diversity, Stratification, SW 0850 Lakes, SW 6090 Fisheries engineering, tropical regions

Ecological conditions in tropical lacustrine systems are considered by focusing on the evolution, maintenance, exploitation and vulnerability of fish communities in the African Great Lakes. The exceptionally high biodiversities in the littoral/sublittoral zones of the very ancient, deep, clear, permanently stratified rift lakes Tanganyika and Malawi, are contrasted with the simpler systems in their pelagic zones, also with biodiversity in the much younger, shallower Victoria, the world's largest tropical lake.

Alternate Journal:ENVIRON. BIOL. FISH.

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