First Record of an Introduction of the Giant Pangasius, Pangasius sanitwongsei Smith 1931, Into an African River

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:T. Mäkinen, Weyl, O. L. F. , van der Walt, K. - A. , Swartz, E. R.
Journal:African Zoology
Pagination:388 - 391
Date Published:Jan-10-2013

A catfish captured in the Breede River (33°56'41.6”S 20°4'45.6”E) in South Africa was identified using morphological and genetic techniques as the giant pangasius, Pangasius sanitwongsei Smith 1931, a new record for South Africa. The wild-caught specimen was a genetic match to juveniles purchased from the pet trade, and most likely originated from a release by an aquarist. Pangasius sanitwongsei is not on the list of fishes currently permitted for import into South Africa, and its presence in the pet trade illustrates the difficulty associated with preventing illegal introductions.

Short Title:African Zoology
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