Community-level access and control in the management of Lake Victoria's fisheries

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:K. Geheb, Crean K.
Journal:Journal of Environmental Management
Date Published:Feb
Accession Number:5624245
Keywords:Article Geographic Terms: Africa, Victoria L., Article Subject Terms: Depleted stocks, aspects, Community involvement, D 04700, Economics, EE 10 General Environmental Engineering, Environmental, Environmental perception, Fish Management, Fishery management, Fishery resources, Fishing, Lake Fisheries, Lakes, M1 320 Environmental &amp, MANAGEMENT, Natural Resource Development, Overfishing, Policy, Q1 01604 Stock assessment and management, Resource conservation, Resource management, Sociological, SW 0850 Lakes

The fisheries of Lake Victoria have reached a critical stage in their development: catches are declining, and there is increasing evidence of hardship amongst the fishing communities. I n an effort to countermand the reduction in the flow of economic benefits the lake's riparian states are collaborating with international agencies to develop a fisheries management strategy that would be based on a partnership between stakeholders. One possible area for such collaboration is via the devolution of certain access controls to fishing communities. This paper describes findings from recent research and argues that notions of access are linked to community perceptions of the resource, control over it and their own individual and collective manoeuvrings designed to retain and improve livelihoods.

Alternate Journal:J. Environ. Manage.

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