Biodiversity Inventories Course - Cameroon, March 2015

While this course does not involve fishes, it may still be of interest to some members of Africhthy

Biodiversity Inventories Course - Cameroon, March 2015
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A central part of the challenge of discovering and documenting biodiversity is the development of detailed, documented, comprehensive inventories of the species present at a site or across a local landscape. This process requires careful planning, detailed data recording, documentation whenever possible in the form of voucher specimens, and execution under often-difficult field conditions. To provide an introduction to this process, we will present a course to be held in Cameroon, which will comprise one week of classroom teaching, discussion, and exercises, followed by one week spent developing actual field inventories at Korup National Park. Teaching topics will include both the design and execution of inventories and development of formal descriptions of new species. Field work will focus on plants, reptiles and amphibians, and birds. Experts will include David Blackburn and Rafe Brown (reptiles and amphibians), Moses Sainge (plants), and Mark Robbins and Town Peterson (birds).

The course will take place 2-15 March 2015, in Buea, Cameroon. Potential applicants should note that all courses will be taught in English, but that we are making arrangements to assist French-speaking trainees in understanding course content and materials. Preference will be given to applicants having experience with and interest in one of the three taxonomic groups that will be the focus of our field efforts. The field phase of the course will be held under rough, 'camping' conditions, so applicants should indicate their prior experience with field situations.
All researchers, students, technicians, and other interested persons from across Africa are welcome to apply. Approximately 6 applicants from outside Cameroon will be selected to participate in the training course, and 3-6 national (Cameroonian) participants will be admitted as well.

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