A bibliography of Lake Victoria (East Africa)

Publication Type:Report
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:R. C. M. Crul, Silvestre, G. T. , Postma, D. J. , van Oijen, M. J. P. , Acere, T. O. , Bongers, G.
Series Title:International Hydrological Programme, IHP-IV Project M-5.1
Document Number:SC-95/WS/16
Pagination:[ii] + viii + 164 pp.
Report Number:SC-95/WS/16
Keywords:bibliography, biodiversity, Biogeography, Climate, fish kills, fish processing, fish stocks, Fisheries, Fishing gear, Limnology, Plankton, speciation, Stock assessment, Taxonomy

This bibliography presents a compilation of both scientific and popular references relating to Lake Victoria. Comprising 2,180 bibliographic entries, it covers all disciplines ever concerned with Lake Victoria, but gives emphasis to fish and fisheries. It represents an attempt to take stock of available works, investigations and issues to enable users to make fill use of the information they contain, for proper management of the fisheries of Lake Victoria.

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African countries / Pays de l'Afrique: 

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