Applications for Travel Support to PAFFA due by Sept. 10, 2013

Hi All,

I wanted to let you all know that I have support to aid travel to PAFFA through the All Cypriniformes Species Inventory project funded by the US National Science Foundation.  I am sorry for the late notice, but my university was having troubles figuring out how to do this.  Support will likely be no more than $1000 (depending on the number of applicants).  Priority will be given to anyone presenting a paper on Cypriniform systematics, anyone that is willing to publish a paper on Cypriniform taxonomy in a similar volume to the one we produced for Asia to be arranged within the next 6 months (, anyone with demonstrable experience with cypriniforms. and those that do not have alternative sources of funding.

The support will come in the form of a stipend to be issued after the conference.  Please send an application by Tuesday, 10 September.  If you know of someone not on this list, please forward this e-mail.   What I will need from you is:

Monetary Need (for example, how much funding you have and how much the meeting will cost):
Title and abstract of either talk or proposed paper, or a list of accomplishments in cypriniform systematics:

Thank you and I am looking forward to a very interesting meeting!

Dr. Jonathan W. Armbruster
Professor and Curator of Fishes
Department of Biological Sciences
Office: 131 Biodiversity Learning Center
Lab: 212-213 M. White Smith
Mailing address: 331 Funchess
Auburn University, AL 36849, USA
Office: 334-844-9261
Lab: 334-844-3470
Fax: 334-844-9234

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